Two Probes And A Mineral.A

glass comp test -001

Two Probes And A Mineral.

This short animation tells the story of a scouting starcraft 2 probe, ( the old fasion probe from the original Starcraft) coming back from scouting the enemies base saw a fellow worker mining from a gold patch that is not too far from the Nexus within his base. He is of course amazed by the gold patch being so close got all excited and rushed to the golden patch of minerals.

In his haste, he blindly runs into a worker that was mining from the path, this caused him to stumble and fly upwards thus crashing into the screen, (player screen). This starts his story, he wants to repair the broken screen before he gets into trouble.

Below WIP images


MovieClippingRough story board planning stage image. I created this image using TVPaint, a animation program that I enjoy using.





probe intro test render -001 Quick render test of the Protoss Probe in an empty background.





Comp test images A and B.

The one on the left are geometry that was made in Auto desk Maya. I comp them together using Hitfilm composting vfx program.  The image on the right is just to see what changes I need to do to the blue and light yellow geometry.

comp set test-004 copy comp set test-005 copyA                      B


More comp tests.

test comp 1glass comp test -001

A                    B             






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  1. Williamhax says:

    Oh! Wow its actually a comical and jockey YouTube video posted here. thanks for sharing it.

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