My Surface Pro Work Flow

Work flow thumb

On The Road SP2 Set

Notepad script CLICK HERE and Autohotkey script file CLICK HERE


Traveling on the bus I mainly use my Surface pro2, Power cover, Wacom feel pen (modbook pro digitizer pen) and my usb 3.0 to transfer files. Pen link for Modbook pen here: .

The cost for the digitizer is $80, currently $70 on sale (not sure for how long), shipping might be a pain depending on location example Canadians (like me) paid around $30 for shipping and get charged tax also. It has two buttons and support 1024 pressure level, so as an artist you will enjoy it.



When there is not much space on the bus or train, I’ll only have my Surface pro, pen and USB 3.0

Radial Menu 1


Because of the lack of space on the bus or train, I’m unable to use my keyboard. I resort to using a customizing radialmenu as you see in the image below. This is exactly like the Wacom radial menu that we all know and love, BUT better. It comes with a customizable toolbar that you can place anywhere on the screen of your tablet and or desktop ( yes it works on desktop also). I had a chance to talk to the creator of this cool application to drop my input on what an artist would like to have. I urge you if you’re planning to use this tool please, and it’s not a must, donate and help him out like I did. This tool was super helpful to me while traveling that I stop using the Wacom radial menu that Wacom latest update had for my Surface Pro 2.


This is the case that I use to keep my Surface Pro 2 in. Cost around $50-$60 US ( yes they have for the Surface Pro 3 as well. As you can see I can place it to whatever angle I want it to be to make it more comfortable on my lap.

On Transport Set Up With Freedom Case

Below is a list of images of how it will be on your screen. Color size and shapes are all customizable. Where can you get this sweet application you ask? Well click on the link below and don’t forget if its helpful to you and you want to help out the creator please donate.

radial menu


AutoHotkey, remapping volume buttons script.

What you need to create your own script to change your volume buttons are, auto hotkey and the convert to exe file. You can get all in one by downloading the auto hotkey file below in the link, you would just need to paste the script in notepad then put it into the convert to exe file. Changing volume buttons into hotkey, for example I changed my Surface Pro 2 up and down volume buttons in to ”alt and space bar” below are a images and text that shows what to do.


#SingleInstance, force
SendMode Input
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%
SetWinDelay, 0
SetControlDelay, -1
SetWinDelay, 0
SetKeyDelay, -1
SetBatchLines, -1

SC130:: LAlt


Copy the above script into note pad (only copy what’s inside the – area. So start with #NoEnv and end with SC12E::LAlt. The last two codes ‘’ SC130::Space and SC12E::LAlt ‘’ are the volume and down button remapping codes. Save it as whatever name you want then put it into the autokey convert to exe as seen in the image below.

Autohotkey Convert to exe


If you want to save time here are the files after downloading autohotkey, notepad script CLICK HERE and Autohotkey script file CLICK HERE (this last one is a rare file it has the Alt and Spacebar exe. When you install auto hot key you can use the autohotkey script exe file just by double clicking it, to turn it off click on the icon on the bottom right the green autohotkey icon right click it and click exit.

auto hotkey icon

Again to get autohotkey files that run (volume mapping and convert to exe file) you have to have autohotkey installed

These files and script work for surface pro2, I’m not sure if they work with other tablets like Sony and Lenovo window tablets, you can try but I have no idea if they work with it.

Ps. here is a link in case you want to change the volume up and down into something else. If you want to replace the ‘’alt that is Lalt (left alt)’’ to something like Enter, you would put Enter.  The link below shows those exact commands. Also check out my Surface Work flow videos on youtube, Enjoy!




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